I want to build a boombox and need alot of help

Hey guys and gals,

I don't have alot of experience building but this is something I want to try and get to work.

We have this wonderful little spot where we have a picnic table and BBQ grill behind our house next to the water. Unfortunately its so far that I have to blast the music from the house. Doesn't sound good and pisses the neighbors off.

I want something made out of wood and uses a small tube amp and has analog and USB DAC.

Tube Hybrid Amp with DAC

I was also thinking of adding a battery and some way to power it on the wall while charging the battery.

Light Weight Motorcycle Batteries

Then as far as speakers I was looking at the Polk mm651. Seems to be fairly efficient and the amp I was looking at only outputs 5 watts.

polk mm651

Anyways I am not married to anything at this point and just looking to do this the right way. I'm really good at soldering and my father inlaw can walk me thru the wood work. So I should be able to get it done. I just want to make sure it performs well.

Thanks in advance.