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hey all. i'm currently working on a site right now that will basically sum up all that is going on in this forum, and maybe help people sort things out a little easier. plus, since not everyone has hosting, i will host anyone's pictures for free, even give them their own URL. i have a server setup with 100GB of space and unlimited bandwidth. this isnt my site, its our site. and becuase of that, i need everyone's help :) if you have something to contribute, let me know! i need people that are decent at graphics, web design, and who can write content. hell, anything could help out. and, if anyone has pictures, please, send em my way! this is by no means a replacement of this forum, just an extension of it.

if you can help out, contact me by email. or reply to this post, whatever. thanks guys!

maybe you missed the post to this effect DIY Projector - Central Site Krazzyed and I posted earlier.

Krazzyed and I posted this in the main thread to get feedback from some of the site regulars to see what they think. As newbies to not only the forum but the ideas as well, it was a struggle to research and compile information that could now be basically presented in a format to allow people to get started in only a few hours/days.

Again, I'd really like to see diyAudio get the glory for this one with some kind of a page ran from their site. And as well references for all you guys who have made headway in this field long before us newbies came along.

SuperZoboo said:
It's been three days now since Krazzyed and I decided to start our very own "project big screen". Without a doubt, this forum, Undreams website, Zarks website, Gunawans spreadsheet, and the great posts by Cowanrq and SushimasterX have been the soulfood of our project. The only problem, and it seems to only grow with time, is the unordered nature of the information.

Krazzyed and I have collected notes and information all the while into a test website with the eventual goal of having a one-stop, quick reference for all things related to DIY LCD projectors. We'd love to start a collaboritive site with all the info and work with you guys to create it. Hosting location, site design, layout are all still up in the air but that can all be settled quickly. What do you guys think? Who would like to start this up? Could it possibly be a part of diyaudio.com such as diyaudio.com/diyprojectorguide/?

Now, by all means, if we are stepping on someones turf (we are newbies after all) then let us know. But if not, lets start a thread and start a site!

Btw...we may be DIY newbies, but I've got 5 years web/engineering experience and Krazzyed's no web newbie either.

I'll help with what I can however things turn out...

yeah, i know exactly what you mean. i saw your "completed projectors" thread and was really excited. but then, like you said, you were the only one to actually put up some results (which by the way helped to inspire us). the need for a more organized format was pretty obvious to us after 10 minutes of trying to make sense of the 150 page thread and multiple individual websites.

the only thing i dont want to do is step on anyones turf here. a lot of guys have obviously been doing this for months and years and done all of the front work. then slashdot linked this forum and things most likely went nuts from there. to be fair to the pioneers and this forum, i still think a diyaudio.com/lcdguide/ site or similiar would only be fair.

what do you think?
although i do agree with you, i dont have the same sentimental value toward diyaudio that you do.

i'm not replacing them, i wont have a forum, i just want to collect the information. i mean, there isnt just 1 site for everything is there? plus, if people want to look at various screenshots of projectors, where do they go? roaming the various threads? what if they want consolidated links, a list of lighting sources, panel resolutions, etc?

i wouldnt mind what you suggest, but ive already been working on it, and frankly, the information is free... plus, good luck getting their involvement. it would take a lot. and like ive said before, i am definately a DO it yourselfer... (emphasis on the DO). its the reason i have so very little posts in my 2 months in the forum, yet i have done so much. i like to just get things done.

Just posted on making a FAQ and i notice this post... :( sorry guys... Im all for this... somthing to keep dumb a$$ like me from doing this sort of thing... oh well..if ya need help let me know.. i may be able to screw ..err I may be able to help :)

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The following seem very important.

(1) Lighting
(2) Optics
(3) Reflectors.
(4) Screens
(5) Goodpanel/bad panel.
(6) Completed projectors.

As has been mentioned several times finding information in the huge DIY projector thread is difficult. It needs a summary of information and places to go for either futher reading eg optics or where to buy items such as lights panels fresnels etc. This information is all contained within the main thread but is difficult to locate especially for someone just starting out.

Several weeks ago I extracted all the WWW and HTTP links from the projector thread and they total 720 links which would ocupy at 25 links per page a total of 28 pages. Thats a fairly large number of pages to work through. What it needs is the links allocated to headings such as OPTICS, PANELS, LIGHTING, SCREEN SHOTS etc and I believe someone has already offered their assistance which would be very useful. This would make the links useful as someone interested in say just lighting for their project could open the LIGHTING thread and try each link until they found what they needed.

This is no substitute for real live postings which add much more in the way of personal coment and information but it is a way that this very useful information could be presented..

The consolidated information could be store off site at a linked web site but I believe it better to be in the video section where all interested people can see it and use.

At present the links are in order of posting and in a .TXT file. I can email them to you if you want.
SuperZoboo said:
or actually, cowan, id suggest just using text instead of images for the side panel so editing the template is an easy task.

btw, id like to suggest some possible site layout changes, take em or leave em, that might make the site even more user friendly.

ill get back to you on that

Yeah, I will definately take suggestions. I'm actually planning on making the left menu all text, and getting rid of the flash. (even though its just as easy to update the template). But I would be open to any suggestions you or anyone else has. The site is getting a revamping this weekend.

just email me: cowanrg@attbi.com
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