I need to built microphone for measuring?


2005-09-02 9:02 pm
It is my first speaker.
Just put ETON tweeter 25sd1 and woofer 7-360/37hex in box.
Crossover was made on Mundorf component with BassBox X-over software. Crossover point 2000Hz. Not bad but not really amaizing. Tomorrow I will get box for ER4 with 7-372/32het I guess it should be much better. For now I can only change L-pad for tweeter then listen. Sure now I need measuring for tweeking crossover. Please adwize me how to build microphone for measuring software by myself. I know that the microphone shold be calibrated, how to calibrate? or I just need response curve of microphone, where I can get the one? I have LSPLAB and LSPCAD what you reccomend for beginner?
Also I would be glad if you give me recomendation on crossover.


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