I need some wiring help with a lithium battery

Hi all I am hoping you can help me out. I got a lithium battery for a boombox I am building and when you plug it in to charge it completely shuts off the battery.

So how would I wire this so that when the power cord is removed I have battery power and then so it gets power from the cord once you plug it in?
I think I might have figured out a simple solution but would still like to hear others.

But a diode from the charger to the on off switch and a diode from the battery to the on off switch should solve my problem. If there is a better solution I would still love to hear about it. Thanks


2012-12-04 10:04 pm
You have to be very careful with lithium batteries. They have this nasty tendency to explode if you do something they don't like. Most of them have internal circuitry to prevent (or at least lessen the chances of) this.

The diode should solve your problem. Except for the voltage drop, which may or may not be a problem. I would suggest that you read up on lithium batteries before playing around with them.