i need preamp schematics w/o tone control or volume control

Well you Probably don"t need a preamp with a headphone output because the headphone output is allready preamped and has it"s own Volume controll as well as the Line out from a sound card is allready at line level so it"s doesn"t need to be Preamped....

Why do you think you need a preamp?? what is the output of the preramp going to be connected to??

Preamps are generally just used to Bring low level sources up to line level, Like microphones and Instruments ,The output of a MP3 player is probably above line level and so is the preamp in a PC sound card.....


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2006-11-02 6:15 pm
Power amplifiers usually have quite high input impedances so they need very little current output from the source.

If the MP3 player has a volume control it might be fine directly into the power amp.

However, if you have long capacitive and / or you need more volume then perhaps you will need a pre-amplifier stage.

The 'CMOY' suggestion is sensible, and also take a look here...