I need help finding my finishing product :(


I've been looking at finishing my cabinet finally and I need help locating the finishing product....

Ideally something like the melamines from PE.com would be best but the sides are 28" wide... not 24" wide so it won't work...

Either gloss black, gloss white, or anything wood finish would work....

Preferably melamine, laminate, veneer, etc... doesn't matter... just needs to be wide enough

IDEALLY 2 5x12" sheets of gloss black formica would be ideal... but they are $180 each :bigeyes:

any place to find veneer, melamine, etc that would work????


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planet10 said:
...The guy that makes my pretty cabinets says it is actually easier to work with veneers thou.


It could be due to my familiarity with wood but in my very limited experience this is true. Wood veneers, especially paper-backed are very easy to work with and cut. A hobby knife with a new blade will easily cut and trim veneer. You should be able to do a pair of speakers (say 24" tall) with a single blade. For larger speakers you should use a new blade for each.

Doing Formica correctly really requires a laminate trimmer, eye protection, a dust mask and a place to work where the dust doesn't matter. On the plus side for Formica, once it is glued on and trimmed you are done; no finishing required.
how about sheets of transparent plexiglass/perspex/acrylic? you can get it from diy stores for adding secondary double glazing to windows. i was thinking you could paint the back black, and leave the surface transparent so u look through the acrylic to the black on the other side.
Then the whole lot can be glued onto the speaker surface, and it will be really shiny :)