I need help equalizing my sound system

I would like to equalize my home theater. Below is a list of equipment that I have, which I believe is adequate for the analysis.

  • behringer ECM 8000 condenser microphone
  • a DI box for phantom power to the MIC
  • behringer FBQ3102 1/3 octave equalizer
  • behringer FBQ2496 (20 band parametric eq for subs)
  • Asus Xonar DS sound card
  • IPAD with Faberacoustical 1/3 ocate RTA
  • I need PC RTA software, any recommendation?
  • Yamaha Aventage 700 Receiver, Behringer EPX4000 power amp

Question: How the heck do I use all this to properly equalize my system?

I have used pink noise signals, recorded the response using the IPAD, and tried to equalize the system by getting an average value for all bands on the RTA and use that value as a reference to either boost/attenuate for each particular band. I did this for stereo only, and did the analysis for each channel independently

Am I doing this correctly? My system sounds good, but I'm not sure that my approach is correct.

I believe the condenser MIC is already calibrated by factory. However I'm not sure about Ipad's MIC?

Thanks in advance