I need help choosing the right amp.

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Hello, i dont know much about sound, i need to get an amp to drive a few speaker i have, first thing i wanna do is to use 2 speaker i got to connect them to my tv, these speakers are 10 watt 8 Ohm BUT i wanna keep using the tv speakes too, my tv has a toslink output, for all i know this optical out doesnt switch off the buildin tv speakers so i wanna use that output OR the hdmi from the source output to and amp to does speakers.

Next thing i wanna do is to use a few speakers a got, these are made by "SKY" and at the back it has a switch that let me select (8ohm, 5w, 10w, 20w and 30w), any help to get an amp to drive these speaker would be great...

Any help would be great.
That is the picture from the only connector those speakes have.
To be honest i dont know what you mean by having a 70volt line transformer, i would like to use them as they are, withoit modifying them.

Thanks for your reply.


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You need a very low power unit for the TV. farnell operates everywhere and has some very low price packaged PA amps, I suggest you try them. In the US the PA equipment is at the mcmelectronics.com warehouse.
For multiple speakers of undetermined number, the 70 vac system was developed. This allows one to pick different wattages of the speaker to make one spot louder or softer. It also saves on wiring, as 8 ohm speakers require fatter wire than 70v at long distances. 16 ga is usually fine for 70 v systems. mcm again has some inexpensive low powered 70 v PA amps.
You'll need some cables and maybe a converter for the TV. toslink to line level maybe, to get into a normal PA amp. Line level, 1.6 vac max, is what most generic amps use for the input. Some amps have RCA jack inputs, others have 1/4 phone socket inputs. You have to buy the appropriate cables or converters. Try to get it all on one order, the freight is about $12 a box minimum from mcm. If your order goes over $100 the freight is reduced. Outside the US the consumer arm of farnell might not be mcmelectronics. See the farnell.com website and contact them if the consumer PA amps don't show up. Farnell usually has a inter-country shipping program where they handle the customs. $25 an order for UK items to the USA. Look up your needs on the mcm website then try to figure out how to get them to you without the customs guys cherry picking your box. (In certain countries this is a problem).
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If the op is going to use "a few " speakers on the same signal he needs to use the various 70 v system switch positions. I he sets more than two speakers at 8 ohms and hooks them up parallel on the 8 ohm amp output, he will blow output transistors on most cheap amps. If he hooks up 3 or more speakers in parallel at the wattage settings of the switch, and uses the 70 v output of a PA amp, he just has to keep the sum of the wattage rating of the several speakers < the wattage rating of the amp. Then every thing should be fine. 16 ga zip cord will work okay.
mcm 555-3187 is an 80 W 3 input one output PA amp with 8 ohm & 70 v selectable. $90 this week.
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