i need a amp circuit 100W + with

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Try having a dialog with people. This isn't a fast food restaurant where you can order a hamburger with fries.

Remember, nobody is getting paid to talk to you. You want help, then answer questions. And be polite.

If English isn't your primary language that's ok, we have lots of people on this site like that and people make allowances.


What people are trying to tell you, is that such an amplifier does not exist ... and that you should know this if you had the slightest electronics basic knowledge.
... and nobody has the slightest idea why you want to use only these transistors ... 2n3904's or BC547's are cheap, you know ...

Dj BASS AMP said:
The amplifier does exist !!! i have in my home amp like that
with 4 TR 2S C5198
and 4 TR 2S A1914

If you are looking for a schemtic for a particular piece of gear it would be nice if you could give us the model number and tell us who made it. If this is a DIY amp then the schematic may have never been published in which case your only hope is to try and track down the builder or reverse engineer it.

You really need to stop being so frantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop using exclamation points and making abrupt and rude statements. If you want help then tell us enough for us to be able to help you. We can't read your mind and we can't look inside the amp in your home (that we didn't even know about until this last post).

You act like you really can't be bothered to talk to us. If you feel that way then please stop posting.

P.S. Posting "i need circuit ONLY !!!!!!!!!! with 2S C5198 and A1914 transistors" again is not going to help much either.

Well, I get some basic eletronics knowledge, I give all the information that you guys request, and most of my problems are practical becouse I'm only a begginer, but I study a lot! Even so it's hard to get some help here, there is just a few guys here who helps and I undestand that they might be very busy and can't help me everytime I need! I think you shoul get easier DJ!
And yes, I have a few reading problems and, as you can see, lots of writing problems, becouse English is like my 2nd language.
We are bending over backwards to help DJ. Problem is none of us are willing to go design him an amp using these particular transistors. These parts are not commonly used in audio amps, so nobody just has a schematic lying around that fits his requirements.

DJ just needs to explain what he is trying to do. If he has an amp in his living room that he wants the schematic for why doesn't he tell us what amp it is? Why do we have to guess?

Simple rule. If you want help, answer peoples questions. So far DJ hasn't answered a single one of the questions he has been asked.

Hi DJ,

No problem. I kind of figured it was something like that.

To get back to your question. What are you trying to do?

- Are you trying to repair an amp?
- Are you trying to make a copy of an amp you have now?
- Do you have a bunch of these transistors and want to make an amp with them, but don't want to copy the amp you have now?

We really will try to help, just tell us what is going on. If the amp you have now has a model number and maker name then telling us that would make it much easier to help you.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.