i have some questions about hometheater speaker placment....

i am in the process of designing a new home theater system for the new home my parents are building in a few years.....
i have started the design process for a 5.1 system.....but
i have seen stuff on 6.1 and 7.1!
and i was wondering where whose chanles speakers are placed in a rectangle room room? i know 6.1 exists because i have some dvd's with audio tracks for it....dolby digital ex and dts es....
i dont think 7.1 exists....does it?
well i would like some help with speaker placment so could you post some links with pictures of 6.1 setups.....



2001-09-05 6:37 pm
To get help on 6.1 and 7.1 channel operation, try looking at the THX or Dolby website. There should be info there.
Basically, 6.1 derives an extra channel of rear information by matrixing the extra channel info into the rear left and rear right channel, in a very similar manner to the way that pro logic matrixed the signals for center and rear.
6.1 uses a single additional rear speaker, so the regular surround speakers are place on the side walls slightly to the rear of the listening position, and the center rear is placed dead center behing the listener.
In 7.1, with THX, the center rear signal is split into two, uncorrelated signals, just as THX did with the mono rear signal from pro-logic. The speaker layout is then left and right rear at the sides of the room in line with the listener, and center rears placed on the rear wall a few feet apart behind the listener.