I finished my speakers, take a look

Years ago, I was inspired by the look of the Focal Grand Utopia speakers. I wanted to make my own and had a plan to build a 3 box, 3 driver version. I soon found out that I couldn’t cover the low end properly with one driver and so the design became 4 boxes. The plan was one box each year and I nearly hit it but finalizing the crossover design took a lot of time. In that time, I noticed an area in the mids that needed some reinforcing, so I added the 8” driver in its own sealed chamber. The 15” driver is powered by its own class D amp which is why I show the crossover with and without it connected. In the last 2 months I made a big push to finalize them and 7 years after I started them, they are finally finished.

How do they sound? Incredible. Unless I’m standing 3 feet in front of one of the speakers they sonically disappear and stereo image up there with the best of them. I finally got them in the listening room and now it’s time for some music and something else…

The pictures were not taken in the listening room I just needed some sun light.


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I was inspired by the look of the Focal Grand Utopia speakers.
Hello, I am the legal counsel for Focal, could you please PM me regarding trade dress infringement?

Ha ha just kidding, though feel free to send me money! It looks really amazing! I think I will blow up those picture to show my wife, and scare the hell out of her, so she won't complain about my towers. :LOL: