I did a bad polarizer thing.

I just finished my bro's LCD projector and the stuff came for mine.

In a moment of stuper I chose a xenon projector (My brothers was halogen) but it turns out it was a mirror one, with a half fresnel mirror thingy on the bottom.

So, to testing, it was crap, in fact, it didn't even show an image. Just black, so I thought i'd remove one of them big grey stickers (yeah, it was a polarizer)

Now I get a picture but I'm a polarizer down, so you might imagine what it looks like.

Anyway, i'm planning on keeping the xenon setup and buying a pair or fresnels from 3dlens.com and a polarize sheet.

Q 1: Can I stick the polarizer on the first fresnel?

Q 2: I don't have to buy the "OHP fresnel" do I? I can use 2 of the X*Y ones?!

Q 3: I'm in England, is there any suppliers around here?

ty :)