I confess (how I came to record cleaning)

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Record cleaning is an activity that gives me almost endless pleasure. It feels like spiritual cleansing, perhaps an evolved ritual, penance for what I did to my old Beatle records as a kid. I once took my stereo onto the roof of my house and played Yer Blues through the night. Although I upgraded in the 70s and treated my records with considerably more care, buying those nice PVC lined Angel covers (I'm being sarcastic, please) and various brushes and fluids, I didn't quite understand it as a devotional exercise until I visited Japan and witnessed the zen-like reverence practiced by certain Japanese audiophiles, which threw me into a kind of purgatory, causing me to abandon my stereo, put away my records and exist for some twelve years with only a portable cassette player and FM radio turned to the CBC. I taped and overtaped a choatic and unlabelled collection of Bob Marley, Chopin, Puccini arias and Indian instrumentals. Finally I became lost in eastern microtonal music, which I could feel but not really understand. And so I survived the 1980s, feigning indifference to audio technology and the pop music industry, without a CD to my name. In came the 90s, and with it true love, marriage, a move to Montreal, an LP collection inheritance and gradually, my life came back together when I bought my Rega turntable. The rest is now around me in my listening room: my music, my bebop, Mahler and Sibelius and my wife. What more can I say? Please forgive me for using this space to get this out, but now its done. Thank you!
a shaved head is more practical in your climate than mine I suppose

Eric, actually I've done that, though I hadn't made a connection till you mentioned it . Wow.

I once met a fellow from Perth on a train from Calcutta to Puri in early 78. I met him again on a train from Calcutta to Puri in 89. It was the only time either of us had been on that route. Now, what are the chances of that? It still blows me away when I think about it. I'm not sure how this connects, but it was on my path.

My sister-in-law in Osaka is sending me Japanese reissues of Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour. I'm trying to get that feeling back, and I'm hoping fresh clean vinyl and a new turntable will do it. I believe now that heavy platters make a real difference and will someday built one out of cement --maybe I can use a sonotube form!


Hello eila, sorry for the delay in returning.
Thought you should hear this.
On the local FM radio, morning show, listener dial in 'subject of the day', session the other day was, ' strange coincidences '.
A Perth listener called in to say that several years ago she visited London, went to an establisment of some sort, and in the course of the evening visited the Ladies room.
Whilst at the handbasin she chatted briefly with the lass at the basin next to her and the sound of her voice inspired a girl in the background to say out aloud " Are you ???? from ???? school in Perth ?."
It turns out that these two girls went to the same school, and had not been together for 6 years or so.
The interesting thing is that the girl doing the asking is totally blind !
Wow - What is the chance of that !

I suppose this is audio related :)

Turntables - heavy, and isolated is better, much better.

Regards, Eric.
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