I am fed´up MkII!

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I would like to be calm, cool and mature in my approce to the music loving community.
After more than 30 years of DIY struggle, prioritying...Is this correct English...? - my majore ree time to reading unhonest magazines like Stereophile and 6Moons, and accept the ridicoulous avances of the major hifi companies. And what to belive, when the "auhorities" accept redicoulous prices from Wilson, ML and Rowland, based on pretty boxes and new descriptions of well-known circouts, I react with the statement: I CA`NT TAKE I NO MORE!!!

If you agree, please react by sending the message: I`ll love to buy your product, but do not affend my intelligence, by demaning a 30.000.USD pay, for a product that is produced in the mid Asian area by 11-years girls, supposed to be greatful for a 89-cents an hour job, badging the product "developed in the USA" or the "EU" And USD 650,- in parts...! And the oldest companyny in the business, Magnepan, is criticiced for having a smaller advace than all the others! But they live well, and with myrespect!!!

Well, it is a time for changing, and I would ask all the good folks here to advice me, in my struggle for the best amp to drive my lovely, Peter Gunn cross-over modified Magneplanar 1.2 speakers. I would like to pay your attention to all the asian manufactures of splendid amps, like LITE and others. My budget is 1300 Usd.


Bowman, Denmark
I agree with you views of how much of a rip-off the audio retail market is...but there is always a way to part a fool with his money..just don't be one of them...I go to thrift shop, auctions and flea markets here in the usa and find more highend audio than I can use...I found a macintosh 275 for $15 in a salvage/surplus store...have used it for about 15 years, but now listen to my diy circlotron monoblocks, with parts being assembled to build a stero version, along with special high impedance (200 ohm) speaker systems, by re-using bose 901 speakers into diy column systems...I hope this may help in your search..if there are no auctions or flea markets in denmark.....just build your own !! midmoe
Thanks for your input, and I agree, instead of "fighting windmills", we can find bargains and make stunning DIY projects with great value. Lust a pity for them who do not have the experience and knowlidge to do this...

Btw, I just had a nice experience, a professional classical musician, was invited by enjoythemusic.com to evaluate a USD3000 Arcam DAC, and the guy was not pleased with it, and did not recommend it. The magazines around, rave about it. Nice to see honesty...!

Maybe I´ll finance a trip to the USA by visiting some fly markeds...!!!

Just tested a great DIY-project: Aussieamps.com. (Holton amps), try the 500-amp. Stunning power amp.

Best regards,
Helge, Denmark
I also recovered a "high end" amp from the junk pile. It was built in 1963 and sold for over $2000 back then. I got it for almost nothing, not one knew what it was, but a similar model is still being made. I have visited Denmark many times and have very good hifi friends there(Aalborg). I take things to them that we can get for much less than you can get there. We must have more stuff laying around, unlike there. You guys recycle everything in recycle compounds and even lock up the dumpsters/skips. This makes it difficult to get older items for little or nothing. I have had many previous years of good dumpster diving in Scandinavia area up till 5 years ago when everyone lock access to the used through away stuff!
my advice is stop listening to the system and enjoy the music it's amazing how much you can save.

i would love to have the cash to buy exotic hifi but i would still let my ears do the buying. i don't care if it's £10 or £1000 if the £10 thing sounds better then i'll buy the £10 thing and if is sounds close then even better. yes i have heard very exotic gear and to be honest i wasn't impressed.

yes the great big 'snobbery robbery' that the hifi industry is so full of.
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