I Am An Idiot

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I need your help

Then we need to take a length of small wire a couple feet long, we need to ground one end of the wire and with the engine running and noise present, touch the other end of the wire to the outer part of your RCA cable. The shiny part you can still see when the cable is plugged into the deck. This should make a little pop and the noise should go away.

If this gets rid of the noise let me know and we can help you get it repaired.

Well it worked for me would it be possible eather by e-mail or by on this sight what i need to do to fix it

thankyou lorne
Some of those units are a little tricky to repair, some have to be completly dissasembled to get to the bottom of the circuit board. The following picture may be an easier alternative. You onl need to do this on 1 of your cables. If only 1 amp is making noise solder a wire to the shield of the patch cord that is connected to that amp. Ground the other end of the wire with the ground wire of the radio.


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much thanks to you the task is finished and seems to work fine :cool: thank you what did i break in the head untit i can soilder and i have a good meter if that makes a diffrence.

Thanks again maby it wont take so long for this thread to go threw maby the nice people who run this #1 site will let me in
You blew a fuse inside the radio. It is not your every day fuse. It is a tiny surface mount device. It may be on the bottom of the circuit board, depending on the model of your radio. On the newer radios I have seen them on top of the board and actually accessible without too much trouble. The fuse looks a lot like the device labeled 2R2 in the first picture of this thread Here

You will need to take the cover off and look near the plug that contains the RCA cables. If you do see the fuse, to confirm that it is the right device, use your meter. One side of the fuse will be connected to the shield of your RCA cables. The other side will be connected to ground. If you do choose to repair it Perry can get you a part number and a vendor so you can order it.
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