Hypex UcD102 in a Car

I make such power supply boards
push-pull without stabilization.
not galvanically connected to the primary side
power up to 500W
additional output +/- 12V
and 12V relative to V-
Current protection, overheat protection, stand-by signal generation for the amplifier. Protection against low battery power.
Latch on an external error signal (constant voltage sensor at the amp output).
About 89x99mm


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Power rating for 20A at +-36V is close to 1.5kW :) 12V car electric installation will need to provide 110-125A of current at full power :) that's a lot

I'm also interested in properly designed DC-DC converter, that can achive ~700W of power. If output regulation or some kind stabilization would be an option = that would be perfect.

few weeks ago i've bought DC-DC converter from aliexpress. it was advertised as 1kW capable but it's input fuses are 2x 20A.... those can be swaped, but probably there is a reason why those are not 50A :)
so no more than 500W at input and 450W at output if i'll be lucky. but those converters have an issue - it's output voltage is tied to input: it provides +-36 @12V input; with 14V input output voltage is close to +-40-44V. voltage spikes can be as high as 15V at input.

either way, i will test it in near future (2-3 weeks) and check what's possible with these converters,
i have DC load and thermal camera but waiting for osciloscope.


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