Hypex UcD AS2.100

No issues with USB or SPDIF but...

I have to say that I don't find any issues with the soundstage nor imaging, in fact with the speakers I have recently completed - I have been nothing short of amazed with these amps.
There were some USB issues - but with a firmware update it went away, now they synch with my laptop every time without fail.
Where I do find an issue - is when I switch to an analogue input; the sound then only comes out from the master.
This is with right channel set as the master.
I find nothing online about this, anyone else encountered this?
Has anyone experienced problems with one of these modules losing the device settings when switched of ? The filters are fine but the rest simply goes away: setup mode, power at start up, etc. Which is boring as I've to go through the whole setup again...

Another weird thing is that the remote doesn't seem to control the volume for both amplifier in a 2 channels setup. This with AS2.100d linked through spdif.

And last bug. If put in standby, the computer doesn't recognize the usb device anymore and switching it back on doesn't work...
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