Hypex SMPS1200A400 for 5-channel Purifi 1ET400?

I would not and I think you will find that performance decreases as you push all channels at the same time. The PSU will get significantly noisier as you increase the current draw not to mention the power draw from one module modulating the supply to the other.
I would at a minimum use 2, maybe a 600 for the surround speakers and a 1200 for 3 fronts but it depends on your intended use/speakers.

OFC it depends on how good you want it but it is not that more expensive overall to include another PSU if you get 5 modules.
I did one 1200 per NC400/4 ohm speakers and 2 NC400 on one 1200 for 8 ohm speakers. That said at lower levels you will probably not hear any difference.

IIRC the 1200 watt spec is very limited and there is a note on continuous power that is much lower.