Hypex Nilia vs NCX500 vs PURIFI Eigentakt Opinions?

I finally put aside enough cash to upgrade my 6 year old Emotiva BasX A-300 amp. I want to try a Class D amp this time. My choices are Hypex Nilai DIY Kit, NCX500 or Purifi Eigentakt. My speakers are Monitor Audio Silver 100 (Gen 6) which are easy to drive. My preamp is Topping Pre90.

Any input would be appreciated.
ncx500 is OEM only, and nilai is not available at the moment.
So, purifi is the only way to go if you are in a hurry.
Anyone of these is state of the art, so you will not be disappointed with your choice.
Couple of minor differences I noted:
  • you can build the purifi with hypex 1200W SMPS
  • the stereo build of nilai 500 is done with one new hypex500 PSU (burst 800W I think?)
Building a dual mono nilai 500 is of course possible, but the new hypex 500 PSU is quite expensive at 250 euros.
I never thought I would write that, but the stereo purifi looks like the cheapest option now...
I am not familiar with the 3 amps but I have some Hypex UcD700's and a pair of Icepower1000ASP's, previously had a Perreaux Integrated and currently some vintage integrated amplifiers, the class D amps do sound different, but there is your Source and your speakers to consider.

What is it your not happy with or is it just upgradilitus? once you start ......

Anyway, It's a difficult decision? :unsure: The Hypex Nilai DIY Kit and NCX500 are new'ish both have good reviews, as does the purifi that has been about a bit. Have you seen this on youtube? (
) Both the Nilai and the purifi you could build and to do it yourself would be quite satisfying, the NCX500 you most probably would have to purchase. Which ever way you go it's a lot of money to spend to discover your don't like it? or you feel there is no big change..

I have been thinking of the Nilai's but would like to get my hands on the NCore's :sneaky:

Good luck

Nilai per channel: E429 incl VAT, incl. inputbuffer.
1et400a per channel: E329 incl. VAT, excl inputbuffer.
Purifi evaluationboard with 2 channels: incl. inputbuffer E800.
Prices Soundimports Netherlands.
So the price difference is very small; 2 channel Nilai E860 and Purifi E800..
Prices excl. psu, cabinet and other hardware,
My advice is listen to both Purifi and Nilai, voices, piano, strings and then you can decide.

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DIY input buffer cost less then €50,- and best option for 1et400a is no buffer at all. Just a connection board.
You can buy 1et400a straight by purifi.


My set cost €730 incl. Shipping for 2 x 1et400a + smps1200 and €25 for connection board. I calculate the Hypex Nilai with power supply for €1160,- . That is quite a difference.

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I only have experience with the Nilai 500DIY. I had to wait a few months until it was in stock, and jumped on it as soon as it was. Worth the wait. I can compare it to the Elekit 8200 (with a variety of tubes) and a diy Aleph J, not much of a comparison, I know, as they are single ended; but they are both now gathering dust.
The difference comes from variations in internal layouts, choice of power supply, and interconnecting wires' thickness/length.

Even the way the speaker wires are internally fed from the AMP PCB to speaker binding posts (and how the terminations are done at either end of that wire), will influence the perceived sound. People would probably think that if it can't be measured - it doesn't make the difference (in perceived sound quality). Well, it can be measured (as well as easily subjectively judged/heard as a difference in sound quality/extension)
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I found the comparison article you posted interesting.
I'm a Hypex user and my considerations regarding both the article and what you asked are the following (no tie with any manufacturer or vendor):
The price difference between Purify and Hypex is around 15% in favor of the latter, ICEpower costs almost half as much as the others and therefore inside a fair comparison it's not negligible, and it is the one that sounds "worse" according to the review's author.
The Purify is ingenious in placing both the balanced input connectors and the output binding posts on the PCB, and I liked it.
Apart from everything else that the reviewers have described, I think that the described "tonality and tranquility of the Nilai" It's called neutrality and should be considered as a (great) advantage regardless of the system in which it will be inserted.
Unless the system is monotonous and dull, but then I would change firts the loudspeakers (and speaker cables) before thinking about a new amplifier. :)
I didn't like the way the binding posts of the Hypex (and also the ICEpower) were wired because they must be twisted instead and not placed in that way and this is why I liked the fact that Purifi cut the corner soldering the I/O connectors directly onto the PCB. ;)
In other words - whether your budget is appropriate for the system you will be placing it into - I would take the Nilai (saving even €200,00) without hesitation just because you will appreciate its neutrality (along with the other sound qualities) more and more.