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Hypex NC400 + SMPS600

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FS: Hypex NC400 + SMPS600

Couldn't resist picking up an NC400 + SMPS600 late last October to try out and compare against my other amplification. Figured if I didn't I'd always wonder what if. But at least with my system and room it showed no differences compared to the AMS0100 board I've been using for awhile. Which makes sense given the specs and my lack of need for more power.

I'm now looking to part with the NC400 + SMPS600, preferably both as a package given that their individual markets are likely lower. They'll be shipped in their individual boxes as pictured inside a larger box just as they were received from Hypex. All original cabling is included as well - NC400 to SMPS600 cable with connectors on both ends and the longer cable with connector on one end only, NC400 balanced input cable, SMPS600 auxiliary cable, and SMPS600 AC mains cable. I did not cut any of the cables, merely stripped the end of the balanced cable and AC mains cable to make connections.

For now, asking $525 USD + shipping cost from 95630. Might be willing to do non-US sale, but part of the value versus new would be the lack of the $35 import duty for any in the US. Which puts this at roughly 87% the cost of purchasing new for ~3 month old modules.


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Not to offend, but how do you compare two stereo amps with one amp having only one channel?

Imaging, soundstage, phase, etc. cannot be made or compared with only one channel.

I think your results would be quite different had you compared two channel NC400 amps to your 2 channel AMSO100 amps.

No single channel amp would stand a chance in your tested listening method.
It's quite simple actually - by comparing single channel to single channel. Just a simple matter of changing my source output to mono and then compare each running on my center channel. It's by no means scientific or up to normal standards for comparison, but why would it need to be? I got my confirmation that the measured delta in performance is below my threshold of differentiation. I'm certain for others with better speakers, room acoustics, and other factors that's not the case as the NC400+SMPS600 is objectively superior.
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