Hybrid power DUO

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Hybrid power DUET successful, teamwork transistors and lamps. Housing amplifier metal 2U size. Weight 22 kg. The gain from the voltage 32. Maximum power of 240 watts per channel. All analog power. On Nacala positive voltage is applied. There is a delay of switching the anode voltage. The input signal can be unipolar or differential. As the voltage of the amplifier is applied to the SRPP stage 6N32P lamp. To increase the dynamic resistance SRPP stage is supplemented by the transistor KT973A alternator. Additional alternator reduces harmonic distortion SRPP stage. The amplifier stage is separated from the output stage to the cathode follower 6N6P lamp. The cathode lamps included alternator on the second half 6N6P. On alternator grid start up the signal from the output transistor stage. Such a link to the order reduces harmonic distortion push-pull output stage. The signal from the cathode follower is supplied to the single-ended power amplifier. In emmiternuyu single-cycle amplifier circuit diagram included setting the output stage quiescent current. load current is stabilized by a transistor which is mounted on the heat sink of the output stage. A push-pull output stage - a triple Darlington. the output stage transistors is desirable to pick up on Kus. With this you will reduce harmonic distortion. Four pairs of output transistors can easily cope with "difficult speakers." The output stage is supplemented by short-circuit protection circuit. The amplifier is not CCA. For zeroing meets operational amplifier. The amplifier is protected from the output DC voltage. All electronic components of the Russian manufacturer. DUO sound analytic and approximate to the tube sound. At this address https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjFsFoYntqA You can see the appearance of the amplifier. In this line-up and disassembly video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTDRk3v-nEE There were collected 14 amps for this scheme. Spread the housing drawings and amplifier circuit. Driving power and automation unit can be any. ____________________ VP Fedosov


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