Hybrid OB help please

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2002-12-22 6:52 am
Hello everyone,

I am embarking on a new pair of front speakers for my HT. I have decided on a four way system for various reasons. The cabinet will be a clone of the Sony ES SS M9 speaker but will not have the same drivers or crossover or loading.

Here is a picture of the conceptual model. Three drivers are located in the upper sloping part of the cabinet. A 6.5 midbass, a 4 inch upper midrange and a 1 inch tweeter. My reason for going this route is because I want to use simple 6db crossovers for slightly better dynamics and impulse and phase response. Since this is a HT application dynamics are going to be somewhat more important than detail and resolution. Also these are designed to a budget.

I have tentatively set the crossover regions at 80Hz, 1500Hz and 5000 Hz. I was originally intending to use aperiodic loading with the two midrange drivers but after reading the "Beyond the Arial" thread I think that I am temped to try a U shaped open back design for one or both of the midrange drivers to help the system have a less boxy and more open sound.

The help I need is some feed back as to how low I can realistically go in frequency with the 6.5 midbass driver if it is in an OB loading with this narrow baffle cabinet. Can I go as low as 80 Hz or will I need to raise it up to not have a bass suckout. I should state that these speakers will be used right up against the wall because that is the only room for them. However, the rear of the cabinet slopes away from the wall so at the terminus of the midrage cabinets there will be anywhere from 8-12 inches of space to release acoustic energy. I originally wanted the 6.5 midbass to cover all music fundamental frequencies but I'm thinking that if I use an OB loadeing on that driver I may have to bump up the lower crossover frequency to 150-200 Hz or a little higher. Maybe even as high as 300 Hz.

Please, any feedback from some OB builders.


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.