HTA/VTA Problems ?

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Hello,maybe you find this interesting to discuss.

While trying to adjust the HTA on my SME M2-9 tonearm,and realizing that at my 48 my sight cannot make me feel 100% sure that it is correct,I have decided to use a miniature bubble level on top of the headshell,and with the level on,I used the recommended tracking force for my cartridge in order to achieve correct HTA.While everything was "perfect",I suddenly realized for the first time that with thicker 180/200 gr records,it is not only the VTA that changes,but also the HTA.........thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those of you who made the "discovery" before me,what adjustments do you consider as less harmful and how you deal with this?
In the case of those who use SME arms it is possible to have correct VTA and wrong HTA,correct HTA and wrong VTA,both wrong,or both right.....right ?Ultimately,all adjustments could be done everytime you change a record,but as this is a p.i.t.a,how do you deal with this in your case?
In my case and with a new cartridge fitted,I had noticed a shift of the sound towaeds one side and just couldn't solve it with antiskating alone.Then,I have decided to.........think !!!!!!!
Of course the miniature bubble level is perfect for VTA too,but on headshells with flat top,unlike the SME M2-9 headshell that it isn't.
Yes but HTA can spoil more things than VTA.HTA in my opinion has to be adjusted with a more accurate way than the eye.It is not just bass and highs,it is about chanel balance(imaging suffers),tracking(the groove suffers)record wear(your pocket and ears suffer).
Points well taken. But the remark about record warps is still something to think about. That stylus sailing in rough seas is probably experiencing acute sea sickness, and minor changes in VTA and HTA may be swamped out. That is IMHO one of the advantages of the vacuum platters and a platter with a good raised lip and record clamp. I am surprised that the bubble level on the headshell didn't drive the cartridge into the suspension limits.
makinson1,I agree with all you said about warps.All the vta/hta adjustments I did were done using one of my better and most flat LP I could find.Unfortunately with the warped ones,what can we do?The tracking force for testing with the bubble level,was set while the bubble level was on the headshell,so suspension was at its normal position.Also,such vta/hta problems exist not only with warped records,but also with the thicker 180/200 gr. LP's,and unfortunately are much worse if you use one of those super critical line contact tips.
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