HPotter is leaving the stage.

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I didn't introduce myself the first time, and it seems like I don't need introduction now anyway. Most of you have seen my posts and you know what I am all about.

I am not really crazy about designing new circuits and experimenting with them; if I have to do it, I'll do it, but I much prefer the construction side of any project.

That's why I usually use proven designs and by using good quality parts and clever mechanical construction, I try to turn them into something even better. Over the years I've learned that every single part counts and simplicity is the way to better sound.

My background is in mechanical engineering and I hold Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma (which is actually good for nothing;) ). I work as a sheet metal and structure technician contractor for Aviation and since the money is so good;) I can spend at least 6 months a year at home.

My time then, is usually spend on equipment building, because as far as I remember I was always into Audio. For me it's not a hobby anymore, but rather an obsession. So nobody should be really surprised about the stuff I create. With my bacground, experience and all free time it's nothing really special.;)

The one thing that triggered the change of name on the Forum was that I got new provider (wide band connection finally) and new email addres. The other one, since I post so much of my personal work, I might as well do it under my real name. I hope you not gonna blame me for that.;)

Peter Daniel
aka HPotter
Working 6 months a year

Could you elaborate on your work schedule?

Is that working 4 hours a day everyday just like everybody else?
Or is it every other month off?
Or is it take time off whenever you feel like it just so long as you have a total of 6 months working hours? You must have deadline to meet just like every other profession. So probably your schedule is not that flexible?

I wish I could work like that (say 3 months off) even if the pay is not that great.
It's more like taking time off whenever you feel like it. For example, my last contract in Stokholm, Sweden ended in October 30 last year, and I didn't pick anything up untill this July when I started working for Bombardier in Montreal. It all depends how much money you want to make, but when I come home, the longer I stay, the harder for me is to go on a road.;)
When I'm working, my usual week consists of 85 and up hours and the pay is better than you work from home (since the agency compensates your time away from family). So, if you are not greedy you can afford 6 months of not working and enjoy whatever you like to do best.;) You already know what I like.:cool:
Sounds great!

You probably don't get to listen as much as you like to if you work 85 hours a week! And not to mention the preferred gear that you would like to listen to if you're away from home! That must be painful!

My guess is you probably have your little ZEN (and may be a mini pair of high definition speakers - which you have not mentioned so far) in your backpack whenever you have to travel.
Actually, I take that. It's the best portable I've heard. The components came from Panasonic, integrated amp is Blaupunkt, the inclosure made by me. The simple crossover in the speakers (a single 10u Hovland cap for tweeter) and sturdy MDF cabinet make all the difference when you compare it to cheap commercial units.
I don't really miss music when I'm away, because I know I can appreciate it more when I'm back.;)

doesn't want to leave the stage;)
(I don't have photo software installed
on the other computer yet)


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Goodbye HPotter, hello Peter Daniel!
I knew you where obsessed with DIY audio (nothing wrong with that) but knowing how much work it is to make one of your chassis I was curious how did you have the time to do it. Now it all makes sense
Very interesting life you've got, I am surprised that you still like to cut down aluminum sheets for a hobby after doing that to make a living.

I too enjoy the practical aspect much more than the design. I can be a little more adventurous now that I can afford to blowup a few components from time to time but let's face it what are the chances of me designing a better amp than Nelson?
Thanks Jason for an offer, it's very tempting, but I think the past shouldn't be changed.
A lot of people assosiate me with that name and I kind of got used to it too.;) One reason to keep continuity, I placed my picture in avatar (which seems not so popular, if not counting many logos which started to appear recently).;)
When it comes to thread count, I'm not really crazy about it (although some people left the Forum because they didn't want to be labelled Neophyte) and I almost passed 3/4 of my way to a thousand.
So if you don't mind lets leave it like it is. Anyway, HPotter almost left the building.;)
I have the same employment setup that you do only I stay in the US. Right now I'm in DC working, probably through September. Then I will probably be off through the end of the year. If I work year round it's generally to pay off something big or because I'm only working 40 hrs a week. I keep my expenses low so it doesn't take a lot. Could that be called semi-retirement?:D
roddyama said:

I know you're just trying to beat Groman's record raise from Neophyte to Elder

Rodd Yamashita

I don't know if you noticed, but Groman stated WebSurfer as an ocupation in his profile. We shouldn't blame him then for what he does. It's an occupation like any other.;)

So Eric, would you classified that as a stupid reply to my own post?:)
Re: Welcome Back Kotter, Umm Potter

mrfeedback said:

BTW - Very nice portable that you have created - one day I'll have a machine shop like yours.

It's not the tools, but imagination and desire. First you have to visualize what you want, and then having strong desire to realize that. As they say, where is a will, there is a way.;)

I remember when I was doing my first speakers in late eighties, cutting MDF on 11th floor of apartament building in winter. I bought a small portable table saw and then returned it back.;) Who needs machine shop?

I must admit though, that when I got older those desire is getting weaker and weaker...:(

And that's not a stupid reply at all.
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