HP 8903B Pete Millett software

Pete Milletts GPIB Software and Win 10 ?


I wonder if anyone has had experience installing and using Pete Milletts software for the HP 8903B Audio Analyser using Windows 10.
Any advice would be appreciated .

Hi, a friend of mine did get it working, he has an HP 8903A. I think he mentioned changing a library to an older one, and renaming the set in the software, as someone on Pete Milletts' site mentioned having to do. Seems not all GPIB or HPIB interface adapters may work, I believe that the HP/Agilent and NI GPIB to USB adapters do work.

I have mostly MAC OSX 10.xx notebook computers, and two or three Win 2000, and Win XP computers, along with lots of '1985-ish' GPIB capable sets: a Sony/Tek 336, LeCroy 9450A, Tektronix TDS-420A, and 2445 Oscilloscopes, HP 3561A, and Ono Sokki 350 Spectrum Analyzers, an HP 8903B, Boonton 1120, and 1121 THD Analyzer, (not all of these are functional or working properly these days).

But, all nine could theoretically use GPIB and Pete Milletts' software - if I had the space, lots of the 24 pin interconnects, and the GPIB to USB interfaces, which I don't at this time.