Howdy From Tenn Loop Ranch!

Hi Guys and Gals, I'm Edgar, an Old-School Audio/Electronics/VLF Natural
Radio kinda' guy. I'm mostly into VLF these days, but that stuff
all happens at Audio Frequency, very low level, so I'm building better
low-noise, high gain amplification than ever before!

Music reproduction and Audio Electronics was my first love, so I
still dabble and create audio stuff, too. Here's a You Tube link to a
Technics SA-350 Restoration/VLF Retrofit that I've recently done.

YouTube - Tech SA-350 VLF Prt 1.mp4

The LM3886's idled too warm with the stock heat sink and +/-42v
power supply, so I took 2 used 20.5v, 123va toroidal transformers, a
couple new Nichicon 15,000uf, 35v electrolytics and built a very nice,
stiff +/-33v supply for that SA-350. I should be posting the video of
that power supply tweak job in a couple weeks or so.

This forum looks to be a really cool place for an old technogeek
like me to hang out in, so I hope we have fun!


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Thanks, Howdy Back

Howdy Edgar - and Welcome to diyAudio!!!:D:D:D

Just another old fart hanging around - I'm down in Smyrna - just a short trip on the 840.

It's good to see another Tennessee kid having some fun with something other than 4x4 trucks 'n shotguns!!! :rolleyes:

Regards - Thomas

Thanks for the welcome, Thomas! I lived in Smyrna and my 'sis still does.
I'm on disability, so it's gonna' take nearly forever to get another vehicle,
so I'm having as much fun as I can with VLF, Audio, Electronics, internet,
and going to church in Smyrna whenever 'sis and her hubby can give me a
ride. I'm looking forward to some good interaction here, learning some,
and teaching some. Looks cool to me!