Howdy Everyone!

First off, let me thank you all for having me aboard. I do appreciate it . The threads that I have read through have been informative, very enlightening, and oft entertaining. My stumbling that brought me here is a project in itself. My 'shall I say current' project is to set up a whole house audio system, with a sort of "follow me" set up with audio in the other rooms of the house. As is somehow ALWAYS the case, projects go on sometimes for years. I initially conferred with Mylinda Kratzke (formally of Carver and Sunfire) to obtain some old stock IR units that they had produced for the HR895 Receiver, which I intend to make the heart of this system. I have since lost touch with her and her husband, and life has managed to get in the way with bigger fires that must be put out first.
In the 'about me' section I say that I work on anything. While this is neither completely accurate or 100% true, it is the way I definitely feel in my day to day living. As such is the case, I am continuously humbled by that which I am confronted with (often daily). One of these fine years I will HAVE to constrain my interests to a small enough number that my meager brain will be able to satisfied with the results of 'I did it myself' Which scarcely happens as of late.
Thanks Thomas,
I actually just left there today about noon. I have been working on an instrument at TSU for several weeks now at the new RaSP Building (research and sponsored programs) I should be out there again in maybe a week or two? Let me know how to get in touch, and we can have a chat over coffee.