How where to join toneboard pcb to amp pcb board

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Hi All,
Hopefully someone can help. I was looking at ebay to buy a valve preamp for my turntable and found a 3 valve pcb board (all set out just awaiting components to be soldered in), then I realised it had no on/off, volume, treble bass controls or areas on the pcb where they were suposed to be soldered.

So, this requires an additional board to control tone which is fine but I have no idea where you would take the wires from the amp pcb to connect to the toneboard pcb.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Ah, sorry Mark - here's a photo of a pcb I was considering buying and soldering on the required components.
An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.
- sorry, I'm not sure if you'll be able to see the image (I can't). I assumed the image would be looked for and uploaded from my hard drive, but after pressing the image upload button, I was asked for the 'URL of the image' so I entered the URL of the ebay page advertising the pcb, but nothing seems to be showing here. If you need an image, but this site won't let me upload it, I think I'm a wee bit stuck to show you what I'm needing help with (nothing's ever easy lol)

Anyway, there are several other audio amp pcb's I am interested in purchasing too - both solid state and valve - but again, no clue is given as to how or where you would add/wire in the pretty important requirement of being able to control and shape the sound in some way.

It would be great if yourself and the other experienced hands here could provide some guidance for me on this.



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It's a *phono* preamp. Only for boosting weak needles to good Line level. Tone controls are another part. A complete control unit (phono preamp, phono/tuna/tape/CD switching, Vol, Bal, Bass, Treb....) is more complicated.

Why is this tube question in the Solid State section?


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Yep, I know it's a valve preamp board but as I wrote in my previous post I'm interested in this same question for solid state boards too - which is where do you wire in to the phono board (solid state or valve), a toneboard board which would hold the volume and other tone controls which you could then use to shape the sound.

I know tone controls are another part, that is exactly my question - a pcb board with tone controls can be added to the phono board but where on the phono board to you wire it into ?

I have seen on ebay larger 'proper' solid state amplifier boards which also give no clue as to (after building) where you would attach something to control volume, bass etc.

Please forgive a newb as I may not be forming the question in a manner which makes sense to more experienced hands

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