How to wire my door speakers to my amp

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I picked up an ample audio 242x (2ch 800watt 2ohm stable) and I want it to power my door speakers but I'm confused on how I should wire it up because i don't want a too little or too less power.

I have 2 pairs of infinity 6832 reference in the doors. They are 2ohms with "true 4ohm technology" I was reading that an amplifier will see them as 4ohms. So what I'm getting at is should I treat them as 2ohm speakers or 4ohms when I go to wiring? Diving into car audio is really gotten me confused.

The amp I believe is able to do 200w 2x4ohm and 300w 2x2ohm 600 1x4 bridge
@Sean, thanks, I picked up a multi meter from walmart and will get around to checking them.

@kip, It has a built in crossover I believe (gain and boost). Are the Ample amps overrated, underrated, or dead on? I picked it up for the price $50 and because I really appreciate the old school amps (ample 242x is 1999 or 2000 i think.) I won't be selling it anytime soon.

I'm in the process of wiring everything up right now. My stomach is little shaking up after leaving the audio shop. 24 feet of 4ga jl audio copper cost me $55
Anyways back to my question. I wired them up and tested their ohms and I'm reading 6ohms. 6 for the left and 6 for the right.

I wired them as follow.
Right front + tied into right rear -
Right front - to amp right +
Right rear + to right - amp
same for the left. to the other channel

does this mean the amp is doing a 2x6ohm load? I may just leave it at this because it already feels if I turn to max volume the woofers will blow through my door panels.
Ok. After doing more research I found the infinity reference 6832 are 3ohm which is why I'm seeing 5.7ohm-6ohm on each channel. They punch very hard at 24volume (max 35) and the amp shows very little heat after several hours of trap music. Does copper coated aluminum 18ga wire add any resistance that im not seeing? If I wire them up in the pic this will put a 3ohm load on the amp right? will it worker harder or more efficient?

First pic is my current wire up and second pic is the wire I'm thinking of trying.


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The diagram you have posted it for subs. If you wire your door speakers like that you won't have stereo. If you just wire each pair in parallel you will have 1.5 ohms - TOO low! Leave them as they are.
If you don't have them already you next need a crossover to remove the low bass from the doors ( this can be a capacitor , or your amp or headunit may have one built in ) and a sub to do the bass properly.
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