How to test a CD players power supply?

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Marantz CD 84, initially I thought it was the laser, and now i am not so sure, as the unit stayed powered on for about 1 hour before doing dead, so i put it away, when i bought it out again, it is dead!

Prior to this it was working very well, then we had very humid weather, and i left the CD84 under the sheets on my audio selves. When I used it again it played well but was near the end of the track it went funny and started to play at the 1st track,

Attempts since it doesnt read.

Now it is dead, as explained in the first paragraph

? any means I can test the power supply unit? Thanks Sam
I would be checking the CDM1mk2 mechanism capacitors (on the RF pcb under the CDM1 unit- remove the whole CDM1 and work on it out of the CD-84)- they are notorious for causing problems. Do them one at a time and don't be tempted to touch any adjustment pots. :)

When you say 'dead', are you saying it loads, displays but won't read/spin/play? Or is it completely dead as in no-power at all? No power at all is likely a PSU issue.
Hi John :)
I just realised you are on the Gold Coast as well.
This is the CD84 story
Worked perfectly back in summer, but it away, under the sheets on my stereo storage shelf. A month or more later, went to play it, it played up.

I put in brand new rubycon 33uf 25v capacitors on the CDM1 pcb, touched up solder on the laser pcb. checked the wire. I would never touch those adjustment pots

I thought, maybe the laser has condensation of the sorts left it on for 1hour and turned to noticed the player was off. Before this, it would say ready for about 2 secs and flick to error. I didnt see the disc spin. Now, its worse dead, no power at all, the unit wont turn on. I have it apart, so maybe when i try it again might work
Look at the Manual and check all the PSU Voltages as you have done on your Marantz CD50.
One or all of them must be incorrect to give no Power.

Check your soldering on the RF PCB where you put in those Caps and ''....touched up solder......''. Some Short-Circuits or wrong way round Caps could cause problems.
Hi Percival
It was working perfectly with the mods - new caps etc. Only thing I did when it started to play up was change the 5 caps on the CDM1 pcb with same value, same capacitance, used rubycon

I have the manual have used to check jumpers locations. Double check it and the manual should mention the voltages i can check coming from the transformer to the PSU board
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