How to optimise 15" bass speaker in a 65ltr cab?

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I have a 65 litre cabinet - 2.3 cu.ft. It presently contains a 15" speaker.

This is a convenient size for me to carry and use with a 50W bass head - electric and double bass, jazz.

If I were to optimise this, what would be the best type of 15" unit to use in this size cabinet?

And should I port it or have a semi-open back? Right now it's sealed.

Thanks for help with this.
That's really useful - thank you!

I've been looking at all the Eminence models. Usefully they give recommended cabinet size both sealed box and ported. Models that would fit would be:
Beta 15A - sealed
Legend BP1525 - sealed
Legend CA158 - sealed
Deltalite II 2515 - ported
Kappalite 3015 - ported

The two last are neodymium, so pleasantly light to carry. Ported recommendation is 50-120 litres. Would that be OK with a 65 litre cabinet?

Question - where information is not given for recommended cabinet size, do I look at Vas or what, and how do I interpret it?

Type of sound I would like is rich and warm, with good sustain for walking bass and a clear acoustic tone on double bass for the upper notes and solos. Clean with clarity.
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I just had another thought. The cabinet I made from marine ply is rather nice, and looking at it now I can see that it's the front panel that's removable. So perfectly easy to put a new front panel on with a 12" speaker if that would give better results.

What would you do here? Stick with the 15" or go with an optimised 12"? If so which version of a 12" for 65litres?


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No clue since it's a highly personal 'thing' as to what sort of sound/tone an individual musician prefers, so about all I can say is that in my youth ['50s-'60s], Altec, Jensen, JBL [preferably AlNiCo motor] were popular here in the USA until the the British 'invasion', when Celestion and maybe others on the 'opposite shores' became a major 'player'.

I imagine there were others, but didn't really pay much attention to other than the 'big 3' and even then only as it applied to helping out 'garage'/local bands with making various 'clones' or in reconfigured cabs to make them fit better in the ubiquitous VW van/Microbus and occasional Morris Mini.

Don't recall what brand drivers Marshall or similar used, though I'm sure Googling will get you all the info you desire.

If I were to choose one, I'd find out what 'x' musician I liked the sound of and just buy it, though even then they [use to anyway] often [had them] tweaked to 'taste', so no guarantee the one you buy will sound even close, so best to hit the local musician's emporium with guitar in hand to try some out.

WRT driver specs, Fs, Vas, Qts are all you need, though these aren't always listed [or at least accurately], instead chosen by 'tone' as you probably noticed.

Google for forums specific to your needs for maybe more/better opinions, I know they're out there........

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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.