How to Make a Bluetooth Audio Recording System Similar to the OB-4?

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a project where I'd like to build a device that can record audio from a Bluetooth source, similar to how Teenage Engineering's OB-4 works. In particular, I'm interested in understanding how I can capture and record audio directly from the Bluetooth signal, rather than using an external microphone.

Here are some of my specific questions:

What are the best Bluetooth modules I could use to receive a high-quality audio signal?
What type of microcontroller or DSP would be best suited to process this audio signal?
How can I store this recorded audio on an SD memory or other type of external memory?
Are special ADC/DAC converters needed or can I manage everything digitally?
What are the best practices for programming the firmware that will handle the recording and saving process?
Any help or guidance would be hugely appreciated. Thank you so much in advance for your time and expertise!
There are many articles online about making RPi a BT audio receiver. Typically they use pulseaudio for routing the stream from the BT library to the audio output. In PA you can easily arrange recording the stream, e.g. in audacity, e.g.

There are BT libraries with alsa frontend in linux, allowing simple capture from alsa directly using any recoding software, e.g. audacity.

People mention older windows could do the same, newer require some special apps for becoming a BT audio sink/receiver. I have no knowhow in windows though...
Hi thanks for the replies, I thought it had to do with adc/dac because the speaker is based on an embedded system, so pulseaudio's solution would just be an alternative that would involve using a raspberry which doesn't excite me. I will keep looking and let you know updates if I discover anything new.