how to lower the wattage to speakers

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I have a kenwood car stereo, 2 rear (40watt each) and 2 front(20 watt each) speakers.
Car stereo sends 40watts * 4 channels. I want to reduce the wattage in the front output as the speakers doesnt support.

Can you pls suggest me how to reduce the output watts for front speakers.

they'll be fine, the watt rating on speakers dosent mean that much, just a general guide as to power you can give them,

remember speakers are a passive device, they dictate how much power the amp will make, i assume there all 4ohm so they will all recieve the same power.

depending on the brand and quaility of the ones you have they could take double the rated power no problems, generally more power the better, less chance of overdriving the amp and clipping its a$$ of to get the desired volume.
I designed speakers for a loooooong time, and can tell you the power ratings are not meaningful.

You can avoid problems with a simple rule: if something sounds bad, TURN IT DOWN!!!

By the way, head unit power ratings are complete nonsense, rated at huge distortion with +16 volts input. No built-in head unit amp puts out more than about 16 watts undistorted.
Another trick with low power speakers in the doors for when they crack on get those foam covers for behind the speakers. Put them in, if you can reach in another door hole and cut flaps on the bottom. Play it loud but still clear with bass, then cut flaps open more or more of them until you get more bass. When it starts to crack then tape one shut. This assumes you have an amp sending a clean signal, not a head unit clipping like crazy nothing will fix that but an amp.
Just use the fader on the radio to fade more towards the higher power speakers if you're really worried. Its doubtful the deck produces more than 23 watts continuous per channel into a 4 ohm load though so the speakers should be aok. Check to see the "rms" or "continuous" wattage each speaker can handle. Also check the same for the deck. Peak ratings don't mean much on speakers or radios, you need to consider the actual rms or continous wattage in your project.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.