How to feed a nice, complete preamp?

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Hello, me again, with again a question that probably was amply discussed but I couldn't find it even not by searching for it...

So I have those super nice preamps (Wayne's Line Stage and Salas' DCG3 and DCB1), some supercool phono-stage and a just as cool DAC from Jean-Paul. Every one in their own boxes and that's ok.

Here comes: I am contemplating making a complete preamp, or even a supercool integrated amp with all needed functionality built-in: Phono, DAC, a line-input, Volume-Control and some gain...

What would be "the" correct way of building the PSU for a beast like that? Would I make one per "unit, thus having 3-4 PSU, transformers etc. in a box, or how are they usually designed?

I imagine having each stage with its own psu would be the most consequent but least reasonable way to go (especially when thinking dual mono, hihi), even if the PSU and amp would get their own box...
So would that then be a custom-made transformer with various secondaries (or two for dual-mono), and the circuitry gets split too?

As you can see, I am quite clueless.