How to design/build Dj monitors


2009-10-16 12:17 am
Hi could any help / lend advise on creating some dj monitors like the one attached, whilst also using budget component and probably not so round a design to help reduce construction difficulty :)

Thanks in advance


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    Element5 dj monitor.jpg
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Sorry but I can't get the point . If you like it ,you like it because it is roundish
and has a quasi-coaxial tweeter mounted in front of the woofer.
Making the box shouldn't be difficult,looking at the two large holes in the bottom I realized the woofer chamber is triangular and exits with two mirrored expanding vents.It's not quite a reflex and definitively not a double horn,the length should be much much longer. Probably they are designed to be stacked ,adding more SPL.That should be the reason why the tweeter is mounted that way.That should also mimic the typical equalization which is all bass-all treble-no midrange ,because with the tweeter nearly covering the woofer you kill lots of midrange emission .So , natural reproduction is not the target of this speaker , I guess .
Ok ,:rolleyes: ...demolition accomplished !!! Sorry ! Something "constructive" ?
A simple box with tough speakers !