how to create a synth or dj Equipment

Hello I would like to recieve some orientation or help in how to create a machine like the Roland MC-505, check at search for mc 505, check the machine its awesome. I have one and Im studing electronics, but as I am starting I dont have the idea of what in the heck this machine has inside of it. Could anybody post any URLs or web pages to visit and have a bit of idea. Im willing to learn how to create a machine like the one mentioned above.

Thank you, I will be around this week posting and reading.

From Mty, Mexico
Try a websearch for synthetizer schematics, i've found quite a few of them... basically there's a group of signal creators (sinewave oscilators, noise sources, etc), that are triggered at a certain frequencies by a keyboard, midi interface or whatever... then these are routed by mixers or filters of different kinds, depending on the design. For mostly all analog synths this arrangement is the usual