how to convert to mp3 more than 320 kbit

mp3 (mpeg1 layer3) is limited to 320kbps, just for portability reason.
mp2 (mpeg1 layer2) - 384kbps.
mp1 (mpeg1 layer1) - 448kbps.

For 384kbps compression, you can use mp2 encoders, builded into video-related compression software like TMPGEN or ToolLAME. Process only audio stream, of course. You get output file with *.mp2 extension. Just rename it to *.mp3 - it playable on most software players (WinAmp for example) and recognizable with most of mp3-related software (for tagging or browsing or something else). Unfortunetely, onle few hardware players are capable to deal with mp2-stream, so using mp2 is limited to computer.
As for quality - 384 sounds virtually identical to 320 (with 20% apprx. rise in file size).

Remember, that gap between mp3/320 and uncompressed audio can be filled with lossless codecs like FLAC or APE.


2005-06-18 6:48 am
conver audio tack to mp3 more than 320 kbit

I have some mp3 file from my friend and play on windows media player that show bitrate 610 K bit , the sound of this file is very good . How to create mp3 from audio track mor than 320 K bit.

thanks in advance