How to convert cd-rom into audio cd?

well most cd-roms have some audio controls such as play, eject, pause and skip located on the front cover. Also most cd-roms have a digital output on the back of the drive but i cant remember if this stream is encoded or not. You'll also need to power it through the molex plug.

All in all, it shouldn't be to hard and you dont need to worry about anything more complex than that unless you want more elaborate controls etc in which case you'll need to learn the relevant ATAPI/IDE commands.
I'm playing with the same idea. Currently I'm using a CS8412 and a creative dvd-rom with digital out and it works fine....

One minor detail, there are no play, skip, stop or eject buttons, so I needed to buy a new drive at some point. I remeber that you could even get drives that had remote controls! but thats a few years ago.


2002-04-12 4:41 am
Creative Labs does have a remote and ATI has a remote too. The LIVE Drive from Creative Labs has the remote feature. The live drive connects to the LIVE card. The volume is software controlled. In technical terms it controls the windows volume. ATI connects to the USB slot but it isn't infrared. It is radio controlled, so you can hide it away from the computer.

Microchip, creaters of pic microcontrollers, has a line of microcontrollers. Microcontrollers are mini-computers that can controll infinite devices. Several designers are using them for web servers, MP3 players, robotics, home security, temperature controll, etc.. Yes, people have access an IDE hard drive. Controlling a CD-ROM drive through PIC can be done but you need to change a few lines of code to access the play, next, previous, pause, stop, and eject. However, you need to know C and some knowledge about device handling.

If you need a circuit try searching