How to choose Neutrik XLR?

Neutrik X series and Switchcraft AA series are my go-to XLR cable connectors.

Unless you're stringing XLR cables between equipment racks at a radio broadcast site or other stupidly-high-RF environment, you probably don't need the EMC series. And even if you do, snapping some ferrites on the cable ends works just as well.
Thank you.

Bicefalo, I will order some XX-HE series next time.
I will also try EMC series and Switchcraft next time.
At the moment, I have little idea about how different series work.

I need PCB mount connectors.
I ordered a few D-series connectors for my PCB work.

Also, I ordered some XX-series connectors.
I use the NC3MXX-B and NC4MXX-B in all my projects, I think they're great.

I've used the NC3MXX-14 for a higher current project too (battery charger).

I use the NC4FBH for my board mount jacks.

If you're looking for board mount 3 pin female, I would go with the NC3FBH2. The separate pin 1 and chassis ground gives you more options, including tying them together if you want.
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I ordered some NC3MXX-B, NC3FXX-B as well as BAG version. As I am switching from single-ended system to balanced. I have no prior experience with these connectors. So, I ordered more models and see which one fit my personal preference.

For PCB mount connectors, I ordered some NC3FD-H-B and NC3MD-H-B.

Redshift, thank you for your input.

I was confused when I found some models have an additional pin but some model don't.