How to calculate cabinet dimensions when using two identical drivers in one cabinet


2010-05-10 9:41 am

I have three online calculators.

One is for calculating whether you should use ported or sealed.
Second is for a sealed cabinet
Third is for a ported cabinet.

The drivers I'm going to be experimenting are a pair of 3-way car 6x9 drivers.
They were free and available so that's what I'm going to be playing with.

I have the TS numbers for them from the manufacturer.

Singularly, they are equally suitable for sealed or ported according to the calculator.

However I want to make on single cabinet with both drivers in it wired to the L and R channel of the amplifier and the amp with take a mixed mono input.

Is there a way to combine the TS numbers together to treat the two drivers as a single driver and put those into the Second or Third calculator? Just add them or something?