How to build audio distribution amplifier?

hi! It's my first posting... :att'n: :att'n: :att'n:
I'm (not good) korean high school student. - who cares? -_-;;;;;;
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anyway... I built 6 input amp with LM3886 - for small band group

and I need output ports. and searched DIY schematic.

but there isn't.

Y cable maybe harmful to sound quality, so I need help///

please give me a good schematic but easy to build and cheap...

p.s. In this case, may I use a y cable?

Not real clear what it is you are wanting to do. You made a small mixer / amp right? Are you wanting to simply output the mix signal? If so, that should be simple enough. Please give us a little more information and perhaps one of us can help.

Edit to say: If you could include a schematic of the mixer / amp it would help.
yes. Here is the schematic of amplifier

I made 6 input amp with this schematic.

SO, Each of six amplifier had made and connected parallely.


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I want to feed a single stereo line level output of my cd player into 6 separate stereo power amplifiers. Will this amplifier circuit work for me? This is my first post on diyAudio, but I'm sure it's only the beginning! Thanks!!

Not really, it's very simple to do, depending on the output impedance of the DC player (which should be fairly low), and the input impedances of the power amps (which should be fairly high).

Assuming that's the case, all you need is six resistors from the CD player, one to each power amp (12 resistors for stereo).

If the power amps have low impedance inputs, you will probably need buffers as shown above though.

So what are the power amps?