How to build an Car Amp to push my subs....


2001-06-01 4:53 pm
Amp easy. Power supply hard. Need more than 13.8V to get decent power (like for subs), so it needs to be a switching supply. Building switching supplies is more complex than building amplifiers (well, most amplifiers), so you won't see much on the DIY front. After I watched a pretty smart electronics guy spend two months trying to keep his switching supply output transistors from blowing up, I decided this would be too much of a challenge.
But search through the threads here, maybe using "car amp" and you'll find some stuff.


2001-02-01 2:43 am
Search the threads

As Paul said, there are threads about the matter in this forum. They indicate some articles and tips to build power supplies (more complicated job, for sure - but it's possible to do), complete power amps and other usefull information.

Well i do not found switchmode PSU to be very complicated. I didn't try to go that high in power tought.But the thing with that if you use transistor to do the "switching" it'S like building to amp.(2x the transistor 2x+ heatsink). A good way would be using MOSFET for the PSU. There also a woy with some special tranformer but I never see those circuit.


2001-02-04 4:23 am
I would recommend you buy an amp like a Pyramid PB590 or PB300 and modify it.The PB300 has the same supply as their PB600 just fewer switching transistors(4 X 26A vs 6 X 26A).Remove the IRFZ34 26A parts and replace with IRFZ44N 55A parts.They use 8A outputs.Replace with TIP35C/36C 25A parts.The result will keep up with a $500 Rockford amp for the cost of a $59 Pyramid plus $15 worth of parts and some of your time.And no self-respecting car stereo theif will steal your 'Pyramid' POS amp.