How to build a swell case...???


2002-10-03 11:00 pm
A while ago, I built this pre-amp from a kit (Bent Audio TX102), which is quite an amazing performer (better than my Placette RVC), but it's case - while being sturdy and a quality product - doesn't really please the aesthete in me.
Seeing some of these DIY amps here, especially in the Pass Labs forum, with their nice 10 mm solid aluminum cases makes me long for something similar for my preamp. But I don't have the skills and the tools to put something like this together. I'd love to learn some basic machine shop skills, but last time I checked, the local Community Colleges didn't exactly offer anything like it (at least here in Boston). Another possibilty would be, to have the case made at a machine shop, but I don't have any idea how much that would be. Does anybody know? How do you guys pick up your metal work skills? How do you make these swell cases?