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How much stuffing in FH-XL?

Stephan Whatcott of KJF Audio recommends 175 grams of stuffing for the XL (each speaker) separated equally between the “point” and the driver chamber, whereas Dave recommends, I believe, 30 grams in the point and 40 in the main line. What to make of this? Seems like a huge difference.
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There is a suggested starting point. But the amount will depend on the driver, your room, room placement and your taste. Amounts suggested were based on an extrapolation from the FH3.

Do not overload the point. Then below the driver, more stuffing means less bass, less ripple. Less damping, more of both. So if you have them pushed into a corner you will likely need more, out more into the room, less. Small room, probably need more. And then there is the question of whether you like the bass emphasized — many do.

Well, that was nice. The two experts in question both responded. Thank you. I had some extra stuffing left over from my TriTrix and I stuck that in to start, probably about 120 grams per speaker. Haven’t played them yet, but Dave’s admonition not to stuff the point too much has me a little worried.