How much of an advantage is an big 3 way speaker over a smaller 2 way if you dont listen to music loudly?

Find a pair of used JBL LSR 6332 studio monitors. 12" three way with a ruler flat response and great dynamics. Plug the port and EQ to extend the bass. A used pair should be available for around $1000 Euros. Often the tweeters have been mashed in by some visitor to a recording studio. It's easy to replace the tweeters. Many recordings have been mixed and mastered on those speakers, so you get to hear exactly how they were supposed to sound.
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The JBL LSR28P is a perfect illustration of that point. It uses the same tweeter that the LSR32 / LSR6332 3 - Way, but mounts it in a large waveguide and pairs it with a very good 8" woofer. It has a similar ruler flat response, but the directivity is narrowed by the waveguide. The LSR 28P can also be found used for $250 - $400 each. They are my daily drivers along with the JBL 12" sub. Here is a pic of the newer LSR 2328P, P for powered.