How low should i tune this TH?


I have spent quite a bit of time on HR trying to come up with a TH design for this driver. I hope to get some feedback from the more experienced TH builders out there.

The limitation of this driver is its 5mm XMAX. I know, i got it cheap, hope i can make a decent TH subwoofer out of it.

Should i tune it to 25 Hz, 30Hz or 40Hz? It will be a mainly for music, with some movies duty. since 5mm XMAX is not much for HT. I was hoping it could make up with the higher sensitivity from the TH.

Where is the sweet spot for the trade off between max SPL and extension?

25Hz - 108dB
30Hz - 110dB
40Hz - 113dB

Thanks for comments!


  • 30Hz TH.JPG
    30Hz TH.JPG
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  • 40Hz TH.JPG
    40Hz TH.JPG
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  • 25Hz TH.JPG
    25Hz TH.JPG
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