How good are the AD825 opamp for a TDA1541 dac IV and output ?

fantastic opamp, I would think it will do a nice job, irts a very clean sounding chip, possibly beat out by some more modern examples, but still a reference. there is a reason it has often been used by jung in his super regulators. I must admit I also have more experience of it in power supply, where it works VERY well, but when I have tried it for audio it has not disappointed either. I would choose OPA827, OPA1641 or AD797 first though, but perhaps the AD825 is less picky at unity gain, the above need a bit of babying, but reward the effort
Not sure about TDA1541(A), but the 825 seems to be a favorite opamp of third-party modders and module/kit sellers. 825 is a personal fave, too, but soundstage and "detail" are not its virtues. WRT, bass dynamics, and the infamous PRATT (pace, acceleration, timing & tempo), I haven't heard a better OPA thus far...
For TDA1541A, I’m tried (w/good results) THS4032. Tweak it per this thread… I/V and whatever comes after it
But then I went discrete to Pass/D1/Promethius...
…WAY better than any opamp-based I/V or output stage I’ve tried thus far.
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