How do i use my car amp at home ?

yo Dude's i am trying to run my car amp of my mians but im not really shore how to do it. i have tryed using a normal charger adapter and running it off that but it will only go up to volume 10 on my head unit then will cut out i think i need mor power so tryed it with two chargers and it semmed to make a diffrence it did go a little louder but i dont really want to be using like 20 of them to get the full power of the head unit is there anyone with any ideas it would be a big help .
ACD, you should know full well by now that a LOT of times around here, people want to do sub-optimal things for the sole reason that the equipment in question is the only thing to hand.

Personally, I would try to use a high-powered computer power supply. Look for one for less than $10, possibly less than $5, at a second-hand store. If more current is needed still, then they can be put in parallel but it is slightly more work. Look for a power supply that

a) doesn't smell burnt; preferable to test it if the store will let you but don't expect them to.

b) has a relatively high +12V current rating. The other voltages don't concern you here.
Hi Jules!

I use a car amp in my studio (just ended up that way..). It's ultra- simple to build a power supply since a car amp has to tolerate from 12 to 16 V or so. The one I made pushes 10 A.

The circuit can use a 7812 or 7815 regulator whose output feeds the base of a simple power transistor such as 2N3055. Collector goes to the + supply, emitter is power out. (Make sure you use high-current rectifiers!)

(I might have used two T's in a parallel config., or was it two transformers? Can't remember!)

Good luck.