How do I set limiters when using Hornresp?

Where would I set my limiters correctly?

Maybe I just have a brain lag but someone has to clear things up for me 😄

When in Hornresp, I can set my Input power to for example 400w at 8ohm.

My DSP has the limiters set behind the crossover so I need to set limiters according to the power that the speaker gets after I set my filters and eqs.

When I set my filters in Hornresp I can look at the driver power window to see what power the driver gets after I set the filters. Now my problem is: in driver power the power changes according to frequency (which is clear because of the impedance) but to what value do I set my limiters now so that the driver gets exactly the power which is shown in hornresp ? The highest peak? The average between all? (If yes how do I calculate that)?

Thanks in advance
When Hornresp is set to a nominal power the Eg window is set to a voltage so 400w @ 8 ohm = 56.57V.
When looking at the Driver Power window the peaks in power will relate to the impedance minimums where the amplifier is required to deliver the greatest current to achieve the voltage level.
The DSP limiters will set a voltage limit - The voltage output of the amplifier will also depend on the amount of gain in the amplifier after the DSP. Typically 32dB for many pro amplifiers.
The high power performance in Hornresp does not typically allow for thermal compression. But can be assessed by setting a voice coil temperature.
As a real speaker will have thermal compression the voltage may to be increased to get the rated performance.
Many speakers are capable of taking high voltage transients but need a lower voltage limit for sustained power.
For some DSPs this would be the thermal limit voltage which is far lower, but has an attack time typically set at a few seconds.
Alright, but at what voltage do I set my dsp limiter now?

If I put eg at 400w for example, then set filters and so on, my driver power is at 300w maximum for example. Do I set my limiters to 300w or 400w now? The driver power changes with different filters which is kinda relatable and different filter settings should mean different limiter settings because there’s more or less power going to the speaker. But since my dsp has the limiters after the crossover do I set it to the maximum value as shown in the driver power window?