How do I read this scheem for a comp circuit

Hi All. I am attempting to put of OB comp circuit into my OBs and can't figure out what the triangle is in the Edge program schematic. Here is a screen shot.

Also, if you know the Edge program, how do I determine the R1 ohms? I read through the manual on the website but it did not address it.


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Just got an email back from Svente, the designer of the EDGE program. He wrote:

Ah, ok. Well, this little circuit goes between the preamp and the power amp, it is typically not part of the power amp (even if it could be).

One should also keep in mind that the compensation circuit only takes care of the baffle effects, and that it is common to use drivers with a high Qts for compensation. The driver properties are not at all included in the Edge simulations.


Dave you were right about the OpAmp, I just was not use to seeing it in a speaker circuit.